Passionate street and urban landscape photographer. I currently live in Washington, D.C., but my heart belongs to New York City.

Perhaps my love of and work in the theatre has fueled my passion for street photography. On stage and behind the scenes, I learned about scene blocking, timing, lighting, set design, and props. In the audience, I learned to appreciate the details of the overall scene, mesmerized by the interplay of the actors with each other and with the make-believe world they inhabit. I now often watch the actors not directly involved in the ongoing dialogue or action. And, of course, I appreciate the theatrical structure of conflict, climax, and resolution.

The more I have learned about what makes a great street photograph, the more I realize it has everything to do with what makes a great theatrical scene. And so, as I walk the streets with my beloved Fuji X100T, I look to create scenes that make me question, that contain conflict or emotion, that tell a great story. A wonderful quote by James Maher, a well-renowned NYC photographer, resonates with me as I try to capture life on the street:

A stunningly beautiful street photo is still a stunningly beautiful street photo, but a significant street photo is one that has greater meaning behind it.

It is not an easy journey, and there are many days when I am discouraged with what I have shot. But in those moments where the characters, surroundings, and circumstances present themselves and I am able to make a photograph that captures something significant, well, then, all the miles I walk are worth every single inch.

I hope you enjoy the inches I have travelled.

Stacy Fischer


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